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Ranges of housing

WBI offers a range of modules for architects to create: 2nd family collective housing, social housing, student residences, senior residences, inclusive housing, emergency housing, hotel rooms, and grouped individual housing.

WBI also offers solutions for individual housing in villas composed of several 3D modules.

WBI is a supplier of wood-frame modules for public and private customers.

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Residential/Senior/Inclusive Housing

Residential, social or inclusive housing delivered bare or furnished with the option of amenities and home automation equipment designed for the autonomy of individuals.

T2 of 40,5m²
T3 of 61,8m²
T4/T5 of 81,8m²

vestia promotions residence
T3 hors site

Student housing

Student housing with a bathroom, a living/kitchen area and a sleeping area. This housing unit can be erected on 3 levels, dismantled and moved to different sites. 

Living space 20m²

construction logement etudiant france
logement etudiant wbi

Hotel room

A hotel room with a refined manufacture that favors natural materials.

Living space from 15m² to 20m².

hotel hors site france
construction hotel hors site

Emergency housing

Housing intended for emergency accommodation, seasonal staff or young workers including a shower room, a living/kitchen area and a night area to accommodate 2 adults and 2 children. This housing unit can be erected on 3 levels, can be dismantled and moved to different sites.

Living space 20m².

construction logement urgence france
logement urgence wbi