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Industrialized off-site construction

of wood-frame modules

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In the heart of social transition and environmental performance of buildings

WBI is a player in the environmental transition and is a pioneer in the integration of the green economy in the construction and uses of modern housing.

Today, more than ever, we have to participate in this paradigm shift in order to help rebuild urban development around three challenges: sobriety, resilience and urban production.

WBI participates in the emergence of a genuine culture of sustainable city building. WBI assists developers, architects and project owners who wish to develop tools and methods for designing an innovative and sustainable housing model to serve the well-being of residents.

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Jean-Patrick Brouillard

Founder of Wood Buildings Industry

Wood buildings Industry

WBI is aimed at players in the construction world wishing to produce residential or tertiary buildings. As a real alternative to current housing production solutions, WBI opens the way to tomorrow’s construction


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