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Constructive process

WBI construction

WBI’s industrial process is based on the design of a wood-frame module with optimized dimensions in terms of logistics, with a surface area of approximately 24m².

Module’s manufacturing adapts to the building architectural choice, taken into account the module units proposed by WBI.

construction ecologique hors site

Supply of wood in short circuit at the 2D manufacturing plant

hors site construction wbi

The 2D wood-frame modules are assembled in 3D on the WBI production site

wbi construction

The WBI companions carry out the 2nd work of the module

grue automotrice construction montepellier

A self-propelled crane installs the modules allowing the assembly of 36 units within one month

bet construction

The BET integrated in WBI designates the industrial concept of the building

solution industrialise wbi

Integration of technical solutions packaged and industrialized

construction modulaire france

The modules are transported to the site

construction bois hors site

WBI provides the client with the BIM model of the modules necessary for the maintenance of the building